Hasselblad in every variaton


Our Hasselblad 500 kit includes every possibility in one case.
Packed with 2 different kinds of bodies and backup, options for digital and film, close up rings and more, this set up will deliver everything you’ll need.


  • 2x 555ELD bodies

  • 1x 530CW body

  • 1x winder for 503CW

  • 1x manual crank for 503CW

  • 3x waist level finders

  • 1x 45 degree view finder

  • 1x spare precision ground glass

  • 1x 50mm CF

  • 1x 80mm CF

  • 1x 100mm CF

  • 1x 120mm CF macro

  • 1x extension ring set, enabling macro possibilities on every lens

  • 1x ProShade lens shade

  • 1x PocketWizard Transceiver

  • 4x A12 film backs

  • 1x FP instant film back

  • 1x Phase One IQ 150V 50MP CMOS digital back

  • 5x Phase One Batteries + charger

  • 3x 32GB CF cards

  • 1x CF card reader

  • 2x 30’ Firewire 800

  • 3x Firewire to Thunderbolt adapters

  • 1x 12’ USB3

  • 3x sets of shutter synch cables

  • 3x sets of PocketWizard cables

  • 2x lens filter adapters

  • 2x lens filter removal tools

  • 1x B&W Orange 40, B&W 22, Tiffen 6Y1, Tiffen 13G2, Tiffen Red 25, Tiffen 80A, Tiffen 80B, ND .3, .3, .9 lens filters

  • 1x Rocket blower

  • 1x chip cleaning set

  • 3x Phase focusing masks

  • 1x Grey Card