In studio


Even if you are not exposed to the elements outdoors, studio brings its own challenges. With our seasoned team you will be in good hands to get your images from mind to print.

Our studio set up packs in to only 2 cases while keeping everything safe, eliminating the need for pricey SUV car services.

A custom stand mount for the tower allows the tech to run it all on two rolling stands if you so please, but how you end up setting it up will be your call!



  • 1x MacPro 6 core 3.5Ghz, 1TB SSD, 64GB RAM, Dual D500 6GB graphics

  • 2x 24” Eizo CG2420 monitors

  • 1x Tangent Element TK, KB, MF, BT color correction and editing panels

  • 2x Vesa monitor mounts & 2 desktop monitor stands

  • 1x 20’ & 3’ monitors cables w/ one backup each

  • 2x keyboard trays

  • 2x keyboards

  • 2x mouse

  • 1x Belkin Thunderbolt Hub

  • 1x client drive

  • 1x tech drive with additional software for in situ trouble shooting

  • 1x CF+SD card reader

  • 1x MacPro stand mount 

  • 1x 3 prong power supply

On location


Speed & redundancy are key for a location job, and for such we’ve partnered with the good people of Inovativ to help delivery the best parts for your shoot.


  • 1x 15” MacBook Pro 2018, 6 core 2.9Ghz, 32GB RAM, 1TB SSD, Radeon Pro 560X with 4GB of GDDR5 memory

  • 1x Inovativ DigiPlate Pro support system

  • 1x Inovativ DigiShade Lite

  • 1x Inovativ DigiShade Pro

  • 2x External Battery tripling the laptop’s lifespan

  • 1x set of cables & card readers

  • 1x set of TB3 cable converters

  • 1x OWC Thunderbolt 3 Dock, giving you access to 4x USB3, 1 MiniDisplay and one FW800 port